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Full Name: Canadian Mathematical Gray Jay Competition

Competition Date:29th Oct, 2021 (Friday)

Students Eligibility: Under 19 years of age as of June 30, 2021

Competition Structure: 150-minutes examination with 12 filling the blank/essay questions. 4 questions with 4 points, 6 points  and 10 points respectively. The full score is 80 point


    Gold, Sliver and Bronze Awards of International Division - who achieve the top

                          three unique scores respectively.

    HonourRoll - Other top performers above certain cut-off score

Registration fee: To be announced

Registration Date: To be announced 

Syllabus(Topics covered in the Competition)

Most of the problems on this year's COMC will be based on the mathematics curriculum taught in secondary schools and CÉGEPs. Some questions require a degree of understanding beyond the curriculum. Potential topics include:


Probability ; Euclidean and analytic geometry;Trigonometry, including functions, graphs and identities; Exponential and logarithmic functions; Functional notation; Systems of equations; 

Polynomials, including relationships involving the roots of quadratic and cubic equations The remainder theorem; Sequences and series; Simple counting problems; The binomial theorem;

Elementary number theory, including tests for divisibility, number of divisors, and simple Diophantine equations  

Practice Questions

Official website:

Special thanks to Dr Yao(Magic Square Association)


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