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Congratulations to 2024 AIME Qualifiers(American Invitational Maths Examination)

New Zealand

Auckland Grammar School       Li Zhening 8

Auckland Grammar School       Mei Zihan 9

Auckland Grammar School       Shan Alex(Zhiyi) 8

Auckland Grammar School       Wang Haotian 10

Auckland Grammar School       Yuan Gary 10

Rangitoto College                        Xiao Banghan 10

Rangitoto College                        Wang Joshua 9

Rangitoto College                        Wang Leo 10

Kristin School                                Guo Junyi 9

Kristin School                                Liu Richie 9

ACG Parnell College                    Lu Lucas Junxi 10

ACG Sunderland                           Fung Ethan 10

Epsom Girls Grammar School  Li Dianxi 9

King’s College                                Sheng Ethan 8

Macleans College                         Kim Matthew 8

Pinehurst School                          Xu Yifeng 11

Westlake Boys High School      Fan William 8


Institut International de Lancy (IIL)  Jiang Arthur 10


Mansfield State High School (Queensland AU) Liang Yuxun 9

St. Peter's College (secondary) Peng Henry 11

2023 Jan American Maths Competition AMC 8 Registration CLOSED!!!Emails of instruction of 2023 AMC 8 NZ have been sent through emails(please check junkmail)

COMPETITION DATE: NZ Time 18th Jan 2023 (14:00-14:40)

Congratulations to 2023 AIME Qualifiers(American Invitational Maths Examination)

Palmerston North Boy’s High School     Chen Kexu

St Cuthberts College                              Chen Dawn

Auckland Grammar School                    Dai Boning

Takapuna Normal Intermediate School  Fan William

Saint Kentigern Boys Schools                Li Zhening

Crimson Global Academy                       Li Dianxi

Pinehurst School                                    Ma JunYang

Auckland Grammar School                    Mei Zihan

Rangitoto College                                  Xiao Banghan

Pinehurst School                                   Xu Kevin

2023 Jan American Maths Competition AMC 8 Registration OPEN!!!

Canadian Maths Society will release results of COMC CJMC around mid of Jan

18th Nov 2022 CJMC this evening!

Thanks to Canadian Maths Society and Dr. Yao (Magic Square Association Hong Kong)

17th Nov 2022 AMC 10B 12B Done

Thanks to Dr. Yao (Magic Square Association Hong Kong)

15th/Nov/2022 Canadian Jay Maths Competition(18th Nov) emails of instruction have been sent out.

videos to introduce the webtest system:  video for students ; full video for both proctor and students 


AMC 10B 12B(17th Nov) emails of instruction of have been sent out  

please check your email box or junk mailbox


13/nov/2022 2022 AMC 10A questions and answers   2022 AMC 12A questions and answers

Thanks to Dr. Yao (Magic Square Association Hong Kong)

11/Nov/2022 MAA AMC 10A 12A done 19-20:15; AMC 10B 12B registration still OPEN; AMC 8(Jan 2023 registration will open by the end of year 

9/Nov/2022 Emails of instruction of AMC 10A 12A have been sent to candidates. Please check your email or Junk mail Box 

8/Nov/2022 AMC 10A 12A registration Closed

28/Oct/2022 COMC done in Auckland/Wellington/Palmerston North


Canadian Mathematical Society

Dr. Yao (Magic Square Association HK)     

Mr. Mark Smith (Palmerston North Boys' High School)

Mr. Kenneth Benn(Palmerston North Boys' High School)

Dr Anand Tularam (Palmerston North Boys' High School)

Ms Shona Venkatasamy(Wellington College)                                 

Epsom Community Centre, Auckland

6/Oct/2022 American Maths Competitions AMC 10A 10B 12A 12B (Online)Registration OPEN!!!

*Registration deadline for 10A 12A: November 6th, 2022
*Competition Dates:
   AMC 10A/12A: November 11th, 2022, 19:00-20:15
   AMC 10B/12B: November 17th, 2022, 19:00-20:15

5/Oct/2022 Canadian Open Maths Challenge COMC registration OPEN!!!

*paper exam in classroom

*Registration Deadline: October 23rd, 2022 

*Competition Dates:

            October 28th, 2022, 1:00-3:30PM(NZ TIME)  11:00-13:30(Australian Time)

5/Oct/2022 Canadian Jay Maths Competition CJMC registration Open!!!

*Online with zoom meeting surveillance

*Registration Deadline: 23:59 November 13th, 2022  NZT

*Competition Date:

       November 18th(Friday), 2022, 19:00-20:30(NZ) 17:00-18:30(AUSTRALIAN)




6-May-2022: AMC School Certificates of Merit released!! Congratulations!

26-Jan-2022: *2022 AIME Qualifiers Announced !!!!

25-Jan-2022: COMC results released

20-Jan-2022: AMC 8 Done

-Thanks to MAA-AMC for giving New Zealand Students such a great opportunity! 


Thanks to New Zealand Maths Olympiad

-Thanks to Winne and Zoe from Pinnacle Global Academy

-Thanks to Dr. Sam School! 

-Very special thanks to Dr. Yao, Director of Magic Square Association HongKong!  

28-12-2021: AMC 8 Registration OPEN!!!

21-11-2021 Canadian Maths Gray Jay Competition Award List Released!!!Congratulations!!!

Notes on 9th Dec 2021:


*2022 Jan AMC 8 registration will open SOON     

             Eligible students: NZ Year 9 in Nov 2021    

*2021 Nov CGMC and COMC results will release SOON

*2021 NZ AMC 10A 12A(registration Closed) ; AMC 10B,12 B Registration (Closed)


       AMC 10A/12A Competition ONLINE with zoom meeting surveillance
                  Date: NZ 11th November 2021 Thursday
                  Time: NZ  1:00pm to 2:15pm 

                  Deadline of Enrollment: NZ time 18:59 7th Nov 2021        

                  Online competition: instruction has been sent to candidates via email.. Good Luck!

        AMC 10B/12B Competition ONLINE with zoom meeting surveillance
                  Date: NZ 17th November 2021 Wednesday 
                   Time: NZ 6:00pm to 7:15pm

                   Deadline of Enrollment: NZ time 20:59 11th Nov 2021  

      AMC 10A/10B is for NZ students year 11 or below; AU students year 10 or below 

      AMC 12A/12B is for NZ students year 13 or below; AU students year 12 or below

* 2021 CGMC(Canadian Mathematical Gray Jay Competition) Registration Open (NZ year 9 AU grade 8 or below)

                        Deadline of Enrollment: NZ time 23:59 14th Nov 2021 

                        Competition Date:   Nov 19th 2021 FRIDAY  (NZ)ONLINE

                   NEW     (TIME: NZ Time 15:15-16:45  OR  AU time 13:15 -14:45); 


 Registration Closed

* 2021 COMC Registration Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge : NZ year 13 AU grade 12(19 years old or below)

NEW Competition Date: 29th/Oct/2021 Friday NZ Time 12:30-15:00, AU TIME 10:30-13:00 ONLINE* 2021 OCT/NOV NZ AU Amercian and Canadian Mathematical Competitions 

* 2021 Canadian Maths Competiton CMGC(Gray Jay): NZ year 9 AU grade 8 or below

* 2021 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge : NZ year 13  AU grade 12 (19 years old or below) 

*2020-2021 AIME Results

Thanks to Mr. Frederic Jaccard for encouraging Kristin School Students to join AMC!
Thanks to Josie from NZMOC
Special thanks to Dr. Yao (Magic Square Association Hong Kong)!


*2020-2021 AMC 10 12 Global Prizes List

*2020-2021 AIME Qualifiers Announced

*2020-2021 USA MAA-AMC 10/12 Registration

*2020-2021 AMC8 Awards released:

*2020-2021 AMC-8 2020 Registration Information
         Deadline 6/Nov/2020 ---postponed to 8/nov/2020 23:59 NZ time


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